The world froze. Jagged glaciers and freezing waters cover the seven continents. One man lived through it all. Through war. Through death. Through time. He's been alone since the collapse, believing everyone else dead. He was wrong. There are others. They've built cities on top of the frozen steel that lies beneath the ice. Below them trouble is brewing. Somewhere deep in the ice.


Sunborn is a book that started off as just a short story. I started it while I was writing my first novel, Bad Dreams. I needed a break from the darkness of that book, so I started playing around with another idea I had about a guy who lives out on a glacier in the middle of the ocean all by himself. I had a few other ideas about this character, and I just started writing the story. As I wrote it I realized it needed to be longer than a short story, but I didn't want to write another book just yet, so I thought it would be a 30,000 word novella. So when I finished Bad Dreams I started writing Sunborn, and I kept going until I had 70,000 words. A few edits later I cut it down to the tight 65,000 word novel that it is now. I hope you enjoy it. The sequel will be coming soon.


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