Skeletons, everyone has one, and in this collection of dark short stories they're scratching their way to the surface for the world to see. In Skeletons you'll meet a man who confesses his secret time traveling fetish, a cashier who investigates the eerie behavior of his retail co-workers, a torn lover who travels to her boyfriend's haunted retreat, a teenager who's town undergoes some unusual changes, and a father who's personal time is moving a little too fast.

A Brief History

I love Stephen King. Who doesn't? I mean really, if you enjoy my work, you probably enjoy King's. The guy is the author for dark, creepy fiction, both short and long, and it just so happens that his short story collections are the reason I wanted to create my own. His short story work showed me that you can create a cohesive anthology that is held together by tone, rather than theme.

The majority of these stories were being written while I was writing my first novel, Bad Dreams. I wrote most of the book in a three month span,  I could feel myself getting fatigued at times carrying on the same story, so I'd sit down every so often and write the other stories that were trying to claw their way out of my head. These tales often had a different tone than my novel, different themes, and they weren't always told from the perspective of the sanest character. That's why these stories are what they are, and that's why they fit together so well as the skeleton family of my work.

Now Available

Skeletons is currently available on Amazon.

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