Join Captain Dick Shannon and the harvest bot HN-R3, as they solve some of the most unusual mysteries in inter-planetary history. 

The Space Saga contains five unforgettable tales of deception, greed, and revenge. Watch as Dick attempts to outsmart a broken machine in Robot’s Bluff, as he searches for an answer to the Robot Wedding, and join him and HN-R3 in the search for the missing persons in The Headless Hover Biker.


I started writing Dick and Henry while I was writing Sunborn. It was the obligatory break I gave myself from writing the same story. It started with one, than another, and then another. I sent them through email to a good friend of mine, he liked them, which inspired me to write more. I kept doing until I had a total of five short stories about this pilot in space who always finds himself having to solve these mysteries that take place on the various properties the mega corporation he works for owns. I intentionally left the series on a cliffhanger, intending to write the sequel right away. Instead I wrote a sequel to Sunborn, and now I'm writing my fourth novel which is a stand alone book not tied to any of my previous work. When I finish with my current project, I plan to finish the Sunborn series with a third novel, and then finally come back to Dick and Henry with a complete novel that tells what happens after the case of The Headless Hoverbiker. The series is a lot of fun to write, and I look forward to getting back to it.


I'm currently working on the sequel to The Space Saga. It's a full length novel that will pick up right after the last short story in the collection. My goal is to two write a new Dick and Henry book every couple of years. I want the series to span time, and tackle the problems a hero might have as they get older and continue to follow their passion (or in Dick's case, it's almost a burden) of helping other people, while maintaining an ever growing complicated personal life. To me that's the most interesting aspect of the series, watching it grow and change as time goes by, we're only in the beginning now, but by around book 3 or 4 these ideas of age affecting things will be very present.

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