Phidelphius lies outside of the United Poles. Little is known of it, though myths of grandiose surround it. Daniels sets sail for the city, hoping to find some solace there as ghosts from his past awaken inside his mind, threatening to destroy his very sanity. What he finds waiting for him in Phidelphius is nothing like the myths. It’s much stranger, and possibly dangerous. It could kill the dead inside him, or strengthen their hold. All of that depends on the Queen’s plan. The woman who controls the lives of the people of Phidelphius—on the inside and out.


Phidelphius is the sequel to my sci-fi/fantasy book, Sunborn. After I finished Sunborn I kind of went, "Damn...there's more story to tell." Now, that's not saying the idea of writing a sequel didn't appeal to me, I just didn't want to do the whole telling the same story twice thing, so I didn't. I continued the story of Daniels' emotional evolution, and his evolving relationship with Chelsea, but I also brought his past into the story because that was something very important that was only hinted at in the book, and here it's much more front and center. The villain is also new, and the problems Daniels and the other characters face are not the same problems they faced in Sunborn. I also wanted to do something different with the world. The frozen ice world was fun, but I wanted to take the story into a new direction people wouldn't expect for Phidelphius. My biggest goal with this book was to make a sequel that could be read without having read Sunborn, but would also fit well in the series. I feel like I've accomplished that goal. I hope the readers agree.

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Phidelphiusis coming soon. The first book in the series, Sunborn, is now available on