Skeletons and Kindle Select / by Kenneth Buff

I'm trying it out. For those of you who don't know, Kindle Select is an option Amazon gives it's contributors, where the contributor agrees to sell their book exclusively on Amazon for a period of 90 days. In exchange for exclusivity the author is given 5 days where he or she can offer their book for free and they offer a sales system, that they call Kindle Countdown Deals, where the author can lower the price of their book which features a timer letting the shopper know how long the book will be available for the reduced price. They also offer your book to Kindle Prime members as part of their library they can borrow from, which the author receives a royalty for.

Of course going Select has its pros and its cons. The pros being that these benefits are actually pretty good marketing tools when combined with outside ads, or marketing pushes. The cons are that your book is not available to the customers who only shop on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or ibooks. The majority of sales on most authors titles do happen on Amazon, but not all sales happen there, and there have of course been cases of some authors books exploding on other sites, such as Barnes and Noble, while their sales have stayed stagnant on Amazon, that's not the norm, but it can happen.

These are the things I took into consideration when deciding to go select with my short story collection Skeletons. I believe, that for me, the benefits of Select out weigh the potential sales of other retailers. The reason I say this is simply because I am a new author on the scene, I'm still building credibility through sales and reviews, so not having my work on every platform doesn't hurt me the way it would hurt someone who already has an established audience, one that may include readers who only shop on retailers outside of Amazon. All future novels, at least for now, will be available on all platforms, but for now Skeletons will only be available on Amazon. 

Skeletons can be found for sale on Amazon by clicking HERE