2014-2015 Guide To Kenneth's Fiction / by Kenneth Buff

So, I know I've been talking a lot about what's coming out in the near future, as far as books and story collections written by me, but I think that with the noise of the internet it probably hasn't rang that clear, so let me present you with the official guide to what's coming out by me in the next few months:

    Bad Dreams- (dark fantasy)

  • Expected Release Date: Between late November and early December. 
  • Plot Summary: Bad Dreams tells the story of Johnathon Clark, a bullied teenager who decides to take his own life. He finds himself in Hell, moving up from the position of mail boy, to the giver of nightmares; the bearer of bad dreams. Now John must decide if he will do the job he's been given, punishing the sinners he's been assigned, or if he will use his dark gift for something more? Will he use it to help a young girl who needs him?
  • Reason For Delay: Had some issues with the cover design, but they've been addressed and the release will be coming very soon. 

    Sunborn- (science fiction)

  • Release Date: January 5th. 
  • Plot Summary: Have you ever felt alone in the world? Daniels feels that way, only it's not just a feeling, it's the simple truth. The planet has died around him, and he's all that's left in a world of ice and water. That is until something brings him to Decropolis: a city made of ice and filled with people—living people. Now Daniels must relearn how to interact with other human beings, and learn a whole new lessons in what mankind is capable of when all the rules have been broken. Can Daniels survive the war that's coming? A war brewing beneath the ground.

    Dick and Henry: The Space Saga-(science fiction)                

  • Release Date: January 5th.

  • Plot Summary: Dick Shannon is a transport pilot for the interplanetary corporation Micro Grocer. His job is to deliver fresh vegetables from MG harvest planets to MG silo stations. The job is interesting enough, it pays the bills, and leaves him with enough cash left over to save for the dream home back on planet Earth. The only problem is the company is damn cheap and refuses to hire outside help. Every time something goes wrong on a station or a harvest planet Dick seems to be in the neighborhood, and he and his harvest bot, HN-R3—who he refers to as Henry—are required to investigate the issue. Whether it be missing employees, a fallen tower, or a mysterious robot wedding, Dick and Henry are always there, and they're always doing their best to solve the case.

So that's what I have planned for the next few months. All of the above titles are written, and you can get a sample reading of one of Dick and Henry's adventures HERE. But just because I have several titles completed, doesn't mean I'm slowing production. I'm currently working on the sequel to Sunborn, and when finished with Sunborn II (actual title to be announced after the release of Sunborn) I will begin work on a Dick and Henry novel, to which the short story collection will lead directly into.

Feel free to sound off in the comments below, let me know which story sounds the most exciting to you, and what type of fiction you'd like to see me write in the future.