Mr. Hadley / by Kenneth Buff

I don't have an official title for my fourth book yet. The pending title is Mr. Hadley, but that's just the name of the main character. I'm thinking I might go with The Breachers, but I haven't fully decided yet. I'm very close to finishing it. I'm 1,800 words away from my projected target, but I think it's going to end up being a little longer. That'll put it over my 70,000 word limit I was shooting for, but it will get trimmed down in the editing process, which is fine by me. I like my books (the ones I write and the ones I read) to be tight. Why say something in 5 words when you can say it in 3? It just makes sense to cut the fat, as long as you're not cutting the character of the novel when you're doing it.

I know where the story's going, how I want to end it, I've just got to get it there.