Horizons / by Kenneth Buff

Well, the sun's shinning bright today here in Oklahoma. It's one of those days you feel like you can cross off all those things on your to-do list you've just been letting slide down. I'm going to try and nock some off mine today. I already got my run in, the next thing I'm going to cross off is taking my car in for a well deserved wash. The poor guy hasn't seen water that wasn't rain or snow since his purchase (way back in 2010). After that I'm going to get some pleasure reading in. I'm going to finish up Stephen King's Skeleton Crew (A great collection of horror short stories. Not as good as Night Shift, but that's the gold standard of King collections) and then start Station Eleven if I have time. I'll get some lunch somewhere in there, and then start editing my third book, Phidelphius. Then later tonight I'll watch a flick and try to get a review written. So all in all, I've got a pretty busy day lined out, so I guess I better go get on it.

But, before I go, just want to let you know that Sunborn (the first book in my new post-apocalyptic sic-fi series about a world covered in ice and water) is finally getting some cover art, so this means I have no choice but to edit faster :) Seriously though, it's getting there, just been slow moving because of my day job and my writing clans day jobs, but you'll love the book, I promise.