Sunborn Cover Reveal, And a Little About the Book / by Kenneth Buff

So this is the finished artwork for my next novel, Sunborn. It still needs text of course, I'll start on that after I finish adding the final edits to the manuscript. This one has been a long road from first draft to final copy, and I think it's been well worth all the steps, I hope you guys enjoy it. I should have it completely done before the end of June. Right now my wife and I are in Boulder checking out the town and looking for potential day jobs for myself, but once I get back this is going to be my main focus until it's complete, so don't worry, it'll be out there soon.

Sunborn is the story of Daniels, a man who's lived alone in one of the many glaciers that now cover the planet. He's been alone for longer than he can remember, and as far as he knows the world died, and some how, he survived. He's continued to do so, despite his curious condition. That condition being his almost invulnerability in the day, and his complete helplessness at night. In the day Daniels is able to harness the power of the sun to heal his wounds and melt through ice; at night his flesh rots.

Daniels comes in contact with another civilization, that's built a city into the ice of their glacier. He discovers Decropolis is at war with a city that lies below its surface;  one that is more advanced, and perhaps more civilized. Whose side will he take? What will be the cost of his choice? You'll have to grab a copy next month to find out.