Making Dick and Henry Free / by Kenneth Buff

So I've decided to set the price of Dick and Henry: The Space Saga to permanently free. I've always planned to continue this series with a succession of novels, to which The Space Saga will be the first entry, and I'd like that entry to be free, to encourage as many fans of the science fiction genre to take a shot on the series.

Now, The Space Saga is currently free on iBooks and Barnes and Noble, but not on Amazon. For it to be listed as permanently free on Amazon it must be reported that it is being sold at a lower price a certain amount of times before Amazon will price match it. What that number is no one is sure of. Amazon doesn't disclose their price matching methods. If you would like to help increase the speed of this process, I would be grateful. Submitting a lower price is very easy, and I will post directions below for anyone who may be interested: 

  1.  Click HERE to open a new tab with Dick and Henry: The Space Saga on Amazon.
  2. Scroll down to "Product Details." It will say "tell us about a lower price?" When you see that, click it.
  3. Copy and paste the link into the box labeled "URL."
  4. Type 0.00 into the "Price" and "Shipping Cost" boxes.
  5. Click submit