A Few Words on the New Book and the Series / by Kenneth Buff

It's been a long road, but Dick and Henry and The Temporary Detective is now complete, and up on Amazon. I started this one over a year ago when Miranda and I were living in Colorado. I knocked out a lot of it during NaNoWriMo, but didn't complete it in November. It went through my writing group, got another draft, and then a thorough edit. The final version is something I'm very happy with, and I hope readers enjoy it.

This is a series that I envision writing for some time. I plan to follow Dick as he grows through life, aging physically as well as emotionally. To me, the most interesting part of this series is the relationship between the two title characters, so of course Henry will play into Dick's growth, but whether Henry will continue to fit into Dick's life or not is something you'll have to follow the series to see. And of course, on top of the personal growth and struggles of the characters, there will be a new mystery in each book that can be read without having read the other books in the series. The Temporary Detective does feature a villain who was introduced in a short story titled The Headless Hoverbiker (which can be found on Amazon in the short story collection for free) as well as one other character from that story, but despite this, the novel can be followed without having read the short stories.

Well, those are my insights and some of my plans for the series, I'll keep you updated on the series as it progresses.