Switching Gears / by Kenneth Buff

It's been awhile since I've discussed my novel plans. I think the last estimated release date for Phidelphius (the second book in the Sunborn triology) was in early 2016, so that would be now. But until recently I was going to settle for a summer release (the data shows this is the worst time to release a new book...and my own data shows this as well) and the reason I was going to wait was because it was looking like it was going to take my writing group at least a couple more months to finish editing the first draft, then I'd have to write the second draft, then have it be edited again and then approve the edits. So that would put me releasing it sometime this summer. But I decided that I can't wait that long to complete this story. I need to finish it. So I'm going through, carving out my second draft, polishing the writing and strengthening the story and the character motivations (I think you guys are going to like where Daniels ends up in this one). Spoke with my writing group, and they're all for finishing up the manuscripts faster. Quinn's actually already finished his edit on the first draft of Phidelphius and will be sending it to me soon, I'll go back over my second draft with his notes, and the notes of the other group members (author Sasha Abernathy being one).

I've been on a long path here, learning as I've been going along. My first four releases I invested a lot of money into professional services, some of those investments were worth the expense, others were not. The editing for my first novel was below par, and was not cheap. I've had it re-edited since, and the response from readers has been noticeable in the reviews. It's because of these experiences that I've been trying to minimize my expenses, adjusting them to the sales I project to make (though, these projections are based off past sales, and it's impossible to predict how readers will react to a given title).

It feels good to be getting closer to my next release. I have several other finished drafts, and a couple of beginnings for others, but Phidelphius has always been the title I wanted to release next. It's a sequel that I think my readers will really love. I've always said there's no point in a sequel if it has nowhere to go, if it doesn't have its own story to tell. And Phidelphius is its own story. I can't wait for you guys to read it.