Phidelphius & Writing Flow / by Kenneth Buff

Well, the time is finally here (almost). The art is in for Phidelphius, the edit is done, now the only thing left is the text. My text buddy (or typography buddy, if you will) is in Mexico right now, so it'll be a little bit before that's completed, but the book will be available on Amazon by next week. So that puts me at just under a year between my last publication (Sunborn was published in July of last year), which means I need to publish these guys a little faster if I'm going to meet the quota I've set for myself (2 books published a year). That quota is totally doable for me, I just need to get more efficient at a couple things. Those things being editing (which I'm getting my team to be faster at) and cover art. I definitely write two books a year (at least first drafts), so all there is after that is sanding down of the rough edges and then packaging (editing and cover art). Editing is becoming more efficient as I do much of the final steps myself, but the first major steps of editing I rely heavily on my writing group, which is great because their eyes catch story and character things that need strengthened that I might not otherwise catch without them. And the as for the art, I'm going to play around with covers with a few of my coming titles, trying more of a bear bones approach (one it'll be cheaper, but it will also get the books out faster, which is a win win).

But alas, I started this post to let you guys see the new cover, so here it is:

Pretty cool art, right? My buddy Maciej Wojtala did the art for this guy and Sunborn and Dick and Henry. He's looking for more indie authors to work for, so if you're interested in hiring him, check him out on his site.