Spring Break / by Kenneth Buff

It's that time of the year again. The time when teachers get to live regular lives. Ones where we don't spend the majority of our none sleeping time working or thinking about work. I am beyond looking forward to it. Planning on getting some writing done, hanging out in the hot springs, maybe see a movie. The main goal will be to relax, recuperate from a draining school year, but I'm hopeful that I'll get some serious writing time in as well. Heck, it was in a hotel that King started writing The Shinning, and I myself have penned a Dick and Henry short while on vacation in Colorado. This year we're going to Arkansas. Hot Springs, Arkansas to be exact. As you might guess, their claim to fame are natural hot springs. I'm planning on spending a good chunk of time hanging hot spring side, kindle in hand, with some kind of not-water drink at my side (coffee, Mai Thai, who knows, teacher vacations can get crazy).

We're staying at a BnB that Miranda says is ran by an older woman who loves to knit and decorate. The way she described the place made it sound like that hotel from Gilmore Girls that was Alice in Wonderland themed. Only we like that kind of shit—unlike Lorelai—so it's cool. Yeah, it should be pretty great.