New Stories and a New Project (if you know some authors, comment below) / by Kenneth Buff

There's a lot of projects I have going on now, and a lot of change going on in my personal life as well. My wife and I have moved to a new state, we've had our first child, and of course started new jobs. In the mean time I've come up with some new stories, many original ideas, one a sequel (a new Dick and Henry story), and I still have a finished novel that needs edited and published (though the cover is done, thanks to Michael Rubi). The obvious solution to this problem is to streamline my ideas, or rather, to pick a project and finish it, and then move on to another project and do the same thing, and to order them by urgency. So, that's what I've decided to do. First, I will finish a currently untitled short story that I'll release as a single and probably later add to a collection. Second, I will finish editing my next novel, Moon, and then publish it. While editing Moon, I will most likely start publishing a bi-weekly short story magazine that currently has the working title of "Alternate Worlds." It will be a science fiction and fantasy short story magazine featuring a rotating list of indie authors (if you know anyone who'd like to submit their stories, please comment below.)

I'm hoping to have the short story I'm currently working on done this week, I'll then have one of my writing buddies look over it, I'll edit it, design some cover art, then hit publish on KDP and get started on the next draft of Moon. I'll probably have to do several drafts of Moon before I'm fully satisfied with it. Hoping to only have to do four or five different drafts, but I'll keep hitting it until it's nice and smooth and all the themes shine through the way that they should.

Well, that's it for new updates on where I am, I'll get back with you when I have more news to share.