The Stories in My Head and On My Hard Drive / by Kenneth Buff

So the Bad Dreams audiobook is almost done. We're probably hours away from it being up on Amazon for all you audiophiles out there. But, that being so, my mind is locked on all the projects I have in the wings. (Also, I should mention I have a new short story out as well, it's titled WayfinderI'm currently writing a new novel I'm calling Little Noises. It's about time travel, memories, regret, and more. It's probably the most Stephen King-ish thing I've written as a novel, but it's definitely more sci-fi than anything he's written and it's definitely written in my usual breezy style (sometimes I buck my own convictions, and intentionally write differently. As I did with some shorts in Skeletons and in the first Sunborn novel).

I've also got a novel I've been sitting on called MOON, which needs a pretty big re-write. My writing group has edited it, and I just need to go through each chapter, re-write it, and clean it up several times. Moon is a sort of farcical post-apocalyptic story with heavy sci-fi elements as well (I like to genre blend. Bad Dreams is another example. I combined horror and fantasy in that one). It's about personal promises, and the loneliness and desperation one feels when living alone for far too long.

Further down the line is a two part novel I have called Breachers. It needs an even bigger re-write than MOON, and is one I've been sitting on since Colorado. It was inspired by my first year as a special education teacher. Seeing kids deathly afraid of the state test, and the way teachers and principals talked about the test, made me imagine a world where kids who couldn't pass it couldn't live. So, this dystopian novel was born, and it stars a teacher with a conscience, and a band of kids who've been sentenced to death.

I also have the first chapter of a new Dick and Henry story written and a plan for a new series within the series. Basically I want to write a series of novelettes that will be connected into a larger work. So, it will basically be like the first D&H book, A Space Saga only much longer. The first story in this novelette series is about a kidnapping that takes place at a wedding. I want to expand on Dick's character in this series, exploring how a man feels after coming home from a long journey in space. I also want to explore his questioning of his humanity, his friendship with Henry, as well as delve into his sudden fatherhood and marriage to a women who was once a criminal he detained.

So, that's where I am right now. There's always more stories cooking upstairs too, which makes it even harder to finish current projects on time. Makes me feel like this Tweet by Hugh Howey:

Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 8.19.32 AM.png