Punching Down / by Kenneth Buff

Something's been bothering me lately. It's this "over liberalism" I've been experiencing on Facebook and Twitter. By that I mean this somewhat popular idea that you take a liberal position, and take it to so far to an extreme that it no longer makes sense. The one I'm thinking of specifically that I've seen a lot lately—because of bad actors who happen to be female in the Trump administration (Ivanka, Melania, Sarah Huckabee Sanders) have been in the news a lot lately—is the idea that women have been systematically abused by society, therefore we shouldn't criticize them. The first part of the statement is true, the second part is an extreme position that makes no sense, and actually does the opposite of what the believers of this idea intend it to do. Liberals (even extreme ones) believe women should be treated equally. Holding them all up to some idealized pedestal where we can't criticize them is not treating them equally. This position is actually how we got the systematic problems we have now. People used to believe women were too beautiful (which meant delicate. Flowers are beautiful, they're soft and easily destroyed, etc.) to be in the work force, too innocent to be bothered with seeking a life outside of the home. We're past a lot of these ideas now, going back to them is not helpful.

When someone cuts me off on the highway, I yell at them the same way regardless of sex. My go-tos are usually "asshole," "dickhead," maybe "motherfucker" if I'm really upset. I tend to take this style of criticism (equal across sex and race) and apply it to everything in life. It doesn't matter to me if you're a man or a women, when you do something shitty that affects other people, especially in mass, it needs to be called out.

Above, I wrote: Liberals (even extreme ones) believe women should be treated equally. Something in my own sentence I just wrote bothers me. It's the parenthesis, Liberals (even extreme ones). I honestly don't think there's such a thing as an extreme liberal. Either you're a liberal or your not. If you have a policy idea that doesn't make sense, that's not liberalism, that's nonsense, and nonsense isn't a platform. And really, anymore I don't even like the idea of political labels. Yes, I think most of the platform ideas of "liberals" make sense, but so do some from libertarians, and probably some from conservatives. Overall, I don't like the candidates put forth by either of those parties (the libertarians or the Republicans), but there's common ground that can be and should be found to get shit done.

But, I digress, let me get back to my main point. The bad actors in the Trump administration (when examined it appears to be literally all of them) are objectively terrible people, and regardless of their sex it's okay, and in fact should be the duty of every American citizen, to say so. You can phrase it as their policies are bad and you don't know how they are as a person all you want, I suppose. It's still a free country, but when you knowingly do the evil things this administration does, there's no argument for morality in your personal life when this is what you do with your public one.