Foxcatcher: Review / by Kenneth Buff

Foxcather is a slow burn character piece, that boasts beautiful set pieces as well as three oscar worthy performances in the leads. Foxcatcher is a true story of the bizarre relationship between the multimillionaire, middle-aged heir, John E. du Pont, and the olympic wrestler Mark Schultz. 

The film chronicles the two's relationship from its seemingly innocent beginning to its tragic end. The film is all about mood, and forcing the audience to infer what the characters are thinking. Channing Tatum, Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carrell all do a great job of creating these believable, and often tortured characters. Tatum especially does well here, easily giving the best performance of his career to date.

Over all I give Foxcather 3-1/2 stars. It's definitely worth the watch if you like your movies dark and atmospheric.