Sleeping With Other People: Review / by Kenneth Buff

I was hoping for something different when I walked into the theater of Sleeping With Other People, but I wasn't really expecting that to happen. It was a modern romantic comedy, and Jason Sudeikis was the male lead, the actor known for his roles in dick-and-fart joke films. Which is why I was pleasantly surprised when it chose to play it much straighter than any comedy or romantic comedy I've seen in theaters has in a long time.

So, basically this movie is the When Harry Met Sally for the modern generation. It's a more realistic look of what it's like to have a friendship with someone of the opposite sex, and what happens when that friendship inevitably turns into something more. For the most part this film even manages to avoid the required chick flick plot points. I kept waiting in the third act for the out-of-no-where fight that would send our couple spiraling away from each other only to be brought back together by the power of their love. I'm happy to say that that doesn't happen, but that doesn't mean other things in life don't send the romance of the incredibly charming Sudeikis (seriously, this guy is unbelievably charming in this movie. He's usually stuck with the role of the likable dick who constantly makes inappropriate jokes, but in this movie he actually seems like a guy women would want to sleep with after a first date) and the always likable Alison Brie. 

I really enjoyed this movie, and recommend it for anyone going on a date night looking for something a little different, and a LOT less gross than most modern comedies.