Age of Adaline: Review / by Kenneth Buff

Age of Adaline is a pretty fun movie. There's no explosions, no aliens or cars defying the laws of physics, but despite those not-really-setbacks, it's a rather enjoyable experience at the movies.

The basic premise of Adaline is that a woman in the early 1900's, Adaline Bowman, (played believably by Blake Lively) is struck by lightning while drowning in a river, and after this event she no longer ages. Yes the reasoning for the premise is cheesy, and the narration that explains the "science" for why this happened is worse, but the rest of the movie that follows is pretty good, so we can forgive the origin story (or just pretend it's a Marvel movie). We watch as Adaline moves through the decades, changing her identity and moving around the country. The real fun happens when Adaline reaches our time, falls in love with a man, and then meets his father, played by Harrison Ford. Ford turns out to be one of her lost lovers, a man who loved her deeply and never forgot her despite her disappearing decades ago. These are the scenes where the movie shines, and really make this premise worth all the rest.