Aloha: Review / by Kenneth Buff

So I'd like to start off by saying that while Aloha is definitely terrible, it's not without it's subtle charms. It does star Bradley Cooper, who at times almost saves the movie. Emma Stone is also great as the love interest, Captain Ng (pronounced "Ing"). There's an assortment of other great actors (Rachel McAdams, Alec Baldwin, Danny McBride, John Krasinski, and Bill Murray) who are mostly given stilted dialogue to work with (though Murray is just bad here, sad to say). The trouble with Aloha is sort of everywhere. It has the multiple subplot troubles that Pitch Perfect also suffered from this summer: Will Bradley Cooper get back with his old girlfriend Rachel McAdams or will he get with the more interesting and definitely not married character played by Emma Stone? Will he stop the evil Bill Murray (who he works for) from putting weapons in space? Will he tell his estranged daughter (who he never develops any kind of relationship with in the movie) that he's her real father? Is the relationship he's developing with McAdams son go anywhere, or is that just another dead end subplot? (spoiler: it's dead)

The movie is also a little confused on it's tone. About thirty percent of the time it's your normal romantic comedy, and when it's this it mostly works thanks to Emma Stone and Bradley Cooper's performances. The rest of the time it's a strange drama that doesn't mesh at all. Example: What's with Jim from the office leaving his family with Bradley Cooper all the time? He knows that dude is handsome and wants his wife? Makes no sense. Also there's a lot of political elements involving the Hawaiian natives and the US government that would have been fine as something a character remarked on, like "oh that sucks," but it's been given a major subplot in this film, which just does not mesh with the romantic comedy genre at all. 

Still, even with it's clunky narrative and lack of tone, I did enjoy it more than the other summer stinkers (like Pitch Perfect 2). Aloha does try to have sincere moments, and at times it does. These moments may be ruined later when a character (Bradley Cooper's) has an over the top baby fit (it's sort of required in a romantic comedy...the breakup scene, but since this movie is tonally confused it takes the scene a step too far and he just looks like an ass hole). 

It gets 2.5 stars from me. See it if you're incredibly bored, or slash don't want to put your faith in Melissa McCarthy's hands.