American Ultra: Review / by Kenneth Buff

American Ultra is a competent action/comedy. Jesse Eisenberg's jokes usually land, and the action scenes are more interesting and better shot than the majority of action movies that have been released in the last decade (it beats Transformers, and The Expendables shaky cam cinematography without really trying). The issues with the film though are cringe worthy. Topher Grace a government baddy who's out to kill Eisenberg's character no matter what the cost. This guy will destroy the entire town without blinking an eye, and he has no reason to justify this. He's evil simply because, and he doesn't have a single redeeming quality. He seems to show up just to say fuck a few times, insult the other characters on screen and then sends another wave of goons out to be slaughtered by the Jason Bourne character played by Jesse Eisenberg. Connie Britton of American Horror Story fame, plays a the rogue government agent who's going against the evil Topher Grace. She shows up every once in awhile to help Eisenbger. Her character is also campy and over the top, but less so than Grace's, she's usually bearable when she's on screen.

Over all, the film was enjoyable enough to warrant a recommendation if you're absolutely set on seeing a movie where things blow up (it is more memorable than Mission: Impossible, sadly) , but if you prefer something quieter you'd probably be better off trying one of the smaller indie films, The End of The Tour, or Diary of a Teenage Girl.