Deadpool: Review / by Kenneth Buff

Deadpool is Twentieth Century Fox's latest X-Men flick (for those of you confused why Deadpool isn't a Marvel film, it's because Fox owns the film rights to the X-Men franchise. They were sold to them before they started their own studio). It's a foul mouthed, violent, R-rated "super hero" movie. One that's sort-of marketed for adults, but will probably end up being more appreciated by teenagers for it's over the top potty mouth humor (it's like a hit-and-miss version of Jay and Silent Bob).

Ryan Reynolds plays the title character, using his charisma here to play a likable wise-cracking smart ass. He plays the character as both Deadpool—the anti-hero who runs around in a red suit with two swords strapped to his back and a gun to each hip—as well as Wade Wilson, the man Deadpool was before getting cancer and signing up for an experimental government treatment to cure him and make him a super soldier.

The plot itself is standard fair. Man get's a raw deal, man goes out for revenge. The run-time is thickened with an extended flashback in the middle giving us Deadpool's origin story (which isn't that interesting). The only thing that's all that special about it is the here and there 4th wall jokes (making fun of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine movies, or super hero plots in general), but over all the movie's stakes feel small, and there's little other than Reynolds charisma to really hold it together. It works when the jokes land, and sputters when they don't. It's worth seeing if you're really craving an action/superhero/foul-mouth comedy, but if you're not, you can probably hold off.