Sing Street / by Kenneth Buff

Sing Street is an interesting movie. Not just in the premise, or in the fact that the music produced in it is was actually recorded by the child actors (the leading of which now has a music contract), but it's interesting in how real it feels. Now, I by no means believe every film should be a reflection of real life, but they should be grounded in something that feels real. This is why Game of Thrones is so beloved—the characters and situations of that show are all grounded in the behaviors of real people. In Sing Street what grounds the movie in reality is the children. Their performances and interactions with one another feel like what I remember from my high school days. Looking to impress girls, but not being sure how. Guess I better start a band. The silly lyrics the band start out with, and the relatable and surprisingly deep ones they end up with by the end of the movie are just one example the screenplay gives to character depth.

The music is also quite good. My favorites being "Drive It Like You Stole It" and "To Find You." All of the songs have an element of fun to them, and show an impressive range in the young actor-musicians' ranges.

It's a well made movie that had a lot of love put into to (and another thing, I love it when movies have great young actors in it I've never seen before. Wish this happened more often. They don't have to be young, but just fresh faces we've never seen before. It's refreshing to see someone we don't know give it their all on screen) and it shows in the final product. Great movie, with an ending that left me wanting a little more, but as the French say, "that's life."