Prime Surprise Sweets / by Kenneth Buff

So, I did it. I bought the button and I pressed it. If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, let me explain.

Amazon has a new program they're calling Prime Surprise Sweets. So, what it is a box of random treats put in a box and shipped to you. You order them, you don't know what they are, but you're excited anyways because they're a sweet surprise. Sound gimmicky? I haven't even gone over the biggest gimmicky part yet. To order this box of random treats, you first have to order the button to place your order. That's right, you'll have to order a physical button ($4.99 on Amazon) and then connect the button to your wi-fi at home to be able to order your surprise. The button is $4.99, the box is $18, but you get a "discount" of $4.99 off your first box (it's not a real discount as everything in the box only adds up to $13.01 when you check the prices in the invoice of your order).

So, despite the obvious gimmicky nature of this new Amazon program, I decided to give it a try. Mostly because I love sweets, but I also love Amazon, even when they do stupid stuff like this (making you pay for a separate button? Like the one-push-button on the site wasn't good enough to appeal to impulse buying?).

So, four days after pushing the button I got my first order, and in it I found four things. Sugar cookie chips, a chocolate whoopie pie, lemon infused shortbread, and strawberry mango gummy pandas. Everything you get in a Prime Surprise box is said to be made in "small batches" from "artisans across the country." The packages tote things like "organic" and other hippie buzzwords (don't get me started on the organic fad—or hippies). But, despite the pretentiousness of the program, the treats were all pretty good. My favorite was probably the cinnamon sugar cookie chips by HannahMax. The only problem was that because these are all expensive high quality treats, the serving size is kind of small (but, really all you need anyways), and relatively expensive. A Amazon search of any of the items in the box will confirm that you are indeed "getting a deal" by receiving them in the Surprise box, as everything I found in mine was only available in bulk from the sellers on Amazon for ridiculous prices (the Whoopie pies sell for $59.00 for a 12 pack).

Overall, I think I'll press it again, but only once a month or so as $18.00 boxes for what amounts to two evenings of dessert (you could stretch it out longer, but who has the will power for that?) is too steep for me.

I've added my unboxing video below of my first Surprise box.