Current Projects & 2017-2018 Projections / by Kenneth Buff

So, it's been a little bit since I've wrote a post on where I am in my conveyer belt of work (I've written before about my process as a conveyor. I write, wait for my writing buddies to edit, then finish what I'm writing, give it to my writing buddies, and then edit what they've finally finished editing), so I thought I'd do that with this post today. Okay, so currently I'm working on a project I'm calling "Little Noises," it's at 30,000 words, and I'm projecting it to end up at about sixty-something-thousand. It's a bit of a genre blend, it has sci-fi elements, fantasy, and probably more horror elements than anything else I've written before (I had no real genre intentions when I started writing it—I often don't—but it just kind of became what it is, and I think that's a good thing). It feels like very strong writing, I don't think I'll have to give it a major overhaul when I'm done (I'll do my usual editing, but I feel like I won't have to scrap a lot and write whole new chapters like I've done with other works). 

Once I finish with my first draft of "Little Noises" I'll start editing the previous novel I finished, "Moon." The cover is ready for that one, and my writing buddies have finished editing it, so I just need to sit down and hammer out the final version. 

After I finish with "Moon," then I'll probably work on my next Dick and Henry story. There's been a recent up tick in the sales of The Temporary Detectivewhich has really inspired me to work faster on that series. I have one story I've started that's still in the beginning, but I have others in my head that I want to commit to paper as well. It's taking some self-control to not jump into writing a new Dick and Henry story right now, as I have too many open projects that I need to finish before I commit to something else. I might write a Dick and Henry short story on the side (and the hope, if I do do that, would be to eventually write enough Dick and Henry short stories to make a new short story collection, only this one would be much longer than The Space Saga). 

So, as of now, I'm projecting I'll finish "Little Noises" by Christmas or early January, and then work on "Moon" after that and get it out by February. And then I'll start work on a new Dick and Henry story (hopefully I'll get some Dick and Henry short stories out too, as those can be published much faster), finish it within three months (so around May) and then have the new Dick and Henry novel (or novella) out by Summer of 2018. These are projections, so they're subject to change, but I will try to stick to these as solidly as I can, as it gives me reason to stick with my writing regiment and helps push me harder.