An Audiobook / by Kenneth Buff

Well, it's been a while since I've commented here. My last post was in November where I laid out my projections for future publications. I'm behind them by a month or so. Little Noises is 40 thousand words in (hoping for 65-70), and Moon is still waiting to be edited. I have the beginning of a future Dick and Henry story written (and the plot for more of it in my mind), but it's sitting and waiting for me to finish the projects in front of it. 

A lot of the reason I'm running behind (aside from the short stories that pop up demanding to be'll see some of those in the near future on Amazon) is just bad time management on my part. I'm still adjusting to being a father, a friend, and a husband while also still working on my writing. It's a struggle, but one I can overcome if I buckle down and adhere to the schedule.

Well, enough of the "bad news." Let's talk about the fun project I have in the works that requires very little time from me creatively (meaning you will see this project sooner than any other on my list). I've currently commissioned a new cover for one of my earlier novels with plans to turn this book into an audiobook! 

The process for this is relatively easy using Amazon's audible service. I create a script for potential narrators, describe the characters, plot, and what I'm looking for, and then I post it and sort through the submissions until I've found someone who clicks with the project. I'm looking forward to collaborating with someone to bring one of my stories to life in a new way and bring it to a wider audience. 

Oh. I haven't told you what book it is yet. Should I tell you? Hmm...maybe I'll wait until I have the cover and reveal it then. 

Yeah. I think you'll have to wait. Should have something to share this coming week.