Lady Luck: Update / by Kenneth Buff

Well, here I am. Plugging away on the fourth draft (maybe 5th if you count a typo run I’ve already done) of a book I finished writing a year ago. I know some of my friends who follow me on  my Facebook author page have felt it curious that I seem to jump from project to project (after I finished writing Lady Luck I started writing another novel), but for me, it’s part of the process. It’s a slow process, but it’s one that I plan to speed up now that my wife and I are relocating (again).

The reason that I take so much time in my projects (specifically why I take so long editing them, and creating new drafts) is that I want the books to be as good as they can be. I do this for the readers, and for myself. I try to improve my books with each one, hopefully learning to slowly perfect what I do.

Lady Luck is becoming a much better book with each new draft. The story idea is staying the same, but I’m sharpening it’s message, speeding it up, and giving it more of a purpose for existing. My hope is that it becomes a page-turner dark fantasy. One that is fun, and maybe even a little scary at times.  It’s probably going to end up being around 50,000 words, putting it in the category of short novel, which isn’t a bad category to be in.

Well, that’s my latest update on where I’m at on Lady Luck. I better get back to the grind. I’m hoping to have it published next month, and from their I’ll begin editing my next novel, Moon.