Google / by Kenneth Buff

I"m sure most of you out there are familiar with the world's most popular search engine. It's now used as a verb. As in: "I'll Google it." Which is great. We live in a world where you can discover anything you want with just the few clicks of some keys. I just wish more people would take advantage of this fact.

Why would some people prefer to sit around not knowing, or pretending that something is impossible to do themselves? I don't know. You can do literally learn to do anything yourself if you're physically able and own a computer, cell phone, or tablet and have internet access (which is now the majority of Americans). 

So, here's my advice, to everyone: if you want to know how to do something, Google it. If you don't bother to take the seconds it takes to type it into the search box, and then the minutes it would require to watch a video or a read an article or forum, than you can't really say that you actually want to know how to do something. You might really just want someone to do it for you. Which is fine, just be honest about it.