Pitch Perfect 2: Review / by Kenneth Buff

The original Pitch Perfect was an all right film. It was tailored made for a specific audience, and it met the needs of that audience fairly well. However, the sequel, Pitch Perfect 2, fails to do that.

The film flounders from uninteresting subplot to uninteresting subplot. A few of examples of which are: Will Fat Amy get with the guy who was the villain in the last movie? Will Anna Kendrick's character get a job? Will the new girl fit in with the Bellas? Do any of us really care? No, not really. And that's sort of the whole problem with this movie. It's trying too hard to be a Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants type of chick flick, where the relationships of the characters are what the audience is there for, but in Pitch Perfect, that wasn't why the audience cared about the movie, they cared because of the music, which is far too sparse in this sequel.

So on top of those issues, we also have a terrible villain that comes in the form of a German acapella group. Thankfully the film is too caught up in all its subplots for these guys to appear in more than a few scenes, but the movie is just hard to watch every time they approach Anna Kendrick to lay some cheesy insults on here (this happens almost every time they're on screen).

There are some decent numbers (though they're all too short or are interrupted with dumb jokes made by characters watching the performance) and the actor's performances aren't bad, it's just the writing that is.

I was watching this flick with my wife and a friend, and I think my friend said it best when she stated: "[The movie] was okay. If I hadn't seen the first movie though it would have been horrible." That about sums it up. Pitch Perfect 2 has as much point of existing as an American Pie sequel, and works just about as well.