Far From The Madding Crowd / by Kenneth Buff

This was a fun little surprise. The wife and I popped into the local theater here in Boulder, not knowing anything about the movie, we just wanted to kill some time. I'm glad we ended up killing it with this guy, it turned out to be a nice little entertaining flick.

Far From The Maddening Crowd is about an independent woman in the 1800's who inherites a farm and then has several men akwardly propose to her for various reasons. These proposals are perhaps the best scenes in the film. The proposals all sound like business offers, like the men are trying to sell her a used car with low mileage, and she's having none of it. Her expression is one you'd expect to find on a modern woman faced with such an offer, and the men don't understand her contempt for their offers at all, which only adds to the humor.

Overall, it's a fun film that pulls you in with it's interesting characters and their relatable struggles. Worth watching if you like films with romantic plots or period films.