Trainwreck / by Kenneth Buff

I'm not really big on chick flicks. Not because I don't like stories about love—most movies have some sort of love story—it's more of the cliches, cardboard characters and corny dialogue of chick flicks that turn me off. Fortunately Trainwreck avoids most of these chick flick pratfalls and manages to be a pretty entertaining comedy.

All of the actors are good here. I usually find the over-the-top smart-assy female character thing that's become popular in modern comedies (think Melissa McCarthy) annoying, and was expecting that in this film from Schumer, but thankfully she didn't really go that route, instead it's a more believable performance of a damaged woman who still loves the father who made it impossible for her to have a meaningful relationship with a man. Bill Hader is great here as the regular guy who falls in love with her. He plays straight laced just as well as he does gay (if you haven't checked out Skeleton Twins, give it a go, Hader's phenomenal in it). There's also a surprising supporting role by Lebron James. The surprising thing isn't necessarily that Lebron is in the film as a supporting character (not a cameo), the surprising thing is that Lebron is good. He plays the best friend of Hader's character, an athletic surgeon who works on professional athletes. Lebron's the best friend who just wants his buddy to be happy. That's it, and the comedy comes from just how good at playing that role he is. This part of the film is incredibly well done.

The only issues I have with Trainwreck are that it follows the chick flick formula of: Meet, fall in love, fight, get back together, end. Which in of itself isn't necessarily a bad thing if you can make me forget that you're doing that, but this film didn't. It's comedy is fairly funny (sometimes it feels like it's trying to be edgy for edgy's sake), but I just didn't have a big enough emotional connection with Schumer's character to care if she got back together with Hader. Another problem was that their fight wasn't big enough to make me feel like there was no way they would get back together. It was a normal couple fight, not a "we're done" fight, that every chick flick needs. So when they get back together it feels too normal for me to really care. 

But if you're just looking for a good comedy, this one is miles above most other modern comedies, and just has a few of the usual chick flick problems.