Ant-Man: Review / by Kenneth Buff

Ant-Man isn't the worst Marvel movie I've seen. It is slightly better than Thor 2, but that's about the only compliment I can give it. Ant-Man feels about as fresh as a bottle of soda left out overnight. The majority of the jokes do not land, and the whole thing has a b-movie vibe, like it was written and directed by someone who's never seen a movie before, and isn't sure what you're supposed to do when you're filming one. It's really bad, but in a sad kind of way, because if it were tweaked just a little everywhere, it could have been a decent movie, but instead it's a movie that can only really be appreciated with a group of friends on "bad movie night." 

The movie opens up with a flashback in a white room where CGI makeup makes Michael Douglas look like he's 40 instead of 70 (it just doesn't look right either, maybe it's the wig, maybe it's the fact that that's not what Michale Douglas actually looked like in 1989), and he argues with a group of other actors (one of which also has a bad wig and CGI makeup to make him look younger) in a scene that feels at the same time wooden and pointless since everything they're arguing will undoubtedly be explained to us later in the presence of the hero. The movie then fast forwards to the present where Paul Rudd gets punched in the face by a large prison inmate, only to then say, "You guys have a funny way of saying goodbye," which is followed by him hugging him. It almost sounds funny on paper, but in the movie there's no confidence to it, and you're almost waiting for Paul Rudd to wink at the camera and walk off the fake movie set so the real movie can begin, but that never happens. Instead this strange fan-made-quality movie just keeps going, and going.

I have to give it credit that I never fell asleep, so that puts it above films like A Good Day To Die Hard and Thor 2, but at least in Thor 2 you had Tom Hiddleston. Ant-Man doesn't have a single performance that stands out. The only memorable thing about it is how akward it all feels. Do yourself a favor and skip this one.