Everybody Want Some!! / by Kenneth Buff

Everybody Wants Some!! is billed as "the spiritual sequel to Days and Confused", which is a great way to describe it. It's a comedy about what it was like to go to college in the 80's, but having gone to college in the 2000's, I can say apparently not much has changed, because I completely related to the scenarios and life style presented in the film, which made all of that much more enjoyable and hilarious.

So the film follows a Jake, a college freshman as he moves into a frat house with his baseball team, and adjusts to the college life before school starts. I was really relieved that the main story thread of the movie wasn't about finding yourself and navigating your way through life. That story arch is fine, but it's the one that's expected, almost demanded to be in any decent movie about young people. It's a damn genre at this point, "the coming of age story" is what it's referred, and I was glad that this movie really isn't that. Jake is thankfully already comfortable in his skin, and the few assholes he meets in the movie don't become rivals to him or later get some just desserts to justify their previous behavior. It's an honest movie, that feels very much like real life, from its characters, to the situations and lifestyle young guys experience in college (there are girls here too, but their viewed through the lens of young college guys. Though Jake does find a girl he fancies more than just for sex, which becomes a minor subplot) it all feels real, which adds to the hilarity of it. Honestly, I don't know if I've laughed more at a film in the theater (maybe Whiplash, but that was a different kind of humor). I mean, every scene in this movie is funny. The only thing that's missing is some larger plot to tie it together. The film wonders from one scene to another, connected by the characters, but not by theme. I think it adds to the fun of the movie, not only being different than anything else out there, but it just mimics real life that much more. Life doesn't always fit into a neat package, in fact it almost never does until we force it to later on when we look back on it. Here's hoping Richard Linklater's got a few more of these in him.