Midnight Special / by Kenneth Buff

So this is a film that was praised by critics, and I'm not really sure why. It was advertised as a sort of modern E.T., but it's no where close to that level of creativity. It's more like its title, a midnight sci-fi movie you'd catch on TV back when midnight sci-fi movies were still a thing (which, I think is the whole point of the movie, only it's not really that much fun and midnight sci-fi movies were...so, yeah). Anyway, Midnight Special is about a young boy with supernatural powers who's on the run with his father and another man, while a religious cult (that worships the boy), and the US government chase after them.

The formula's there for an interesting movie, but the script just doesn't do anything with it. The movie spends its time being moody, having the characters constantly brood over their situation, and doesn't spend enough time exploring the powers of the child, or instilling any wonder or humor into the story.